New & Major Initiatives

Bay Roberts Scenic Seating Program Throughout the Town of Bay Roberts, we have placed a variety of seating areas featuring Adirondack chairs located at different focal points of interest throughout the community. This initiative has been carried on throughout 2017.

Joint Effort with Spaniard’s Bay For another year, the Town of Bay Roberts in partnership with the Town of Spaniard’s Bay have combined efforts to improve the Shearstown Estuary area.

Bay Roberts Tulip Garden/Fountain Project The Town of Bay Roberts is continuing a beautiful project: planting many tulips by the Community Gardens. A fountain has been installed near the tulips. It is a great success!

Gaia Garden Revitalization A few years ago, the Town of Bay Roberts collaborated with the local high school, Ascension Collegiate to build a beautiful Gaia Garden. In recent years, this garden has not been well taken care of. Starting this year, our municipality will begin a 2-3 year revitalization project to get the Gaia garden back to its former self.

Bay Roberts Dog Park & Eco Garden The Bay Roberts Eco Garden, located in Shearstown, has continued to be a promising project over the past years. The Bay Roberts Eco Garden also contains a potato garden which contributes to our local food bank. These, along with the Bay Roberts Veggie Patch, are now community green assets.

Bay Roberts Veggie Patch Located behind the historic Western Union Cable Building, a community vegetable garden has been created, featuring 12 vegetable beds. This project was completed back in 2015 and continues to excel with every year! A rain water recovery program and composting area have also been implemented for the vegetable garden in 2017.

Entrance Display In 2016, upgrades have been completed to the entrance display at the intersection of L.T. Stick Drive and the Conception Bay Highway in Bay Roberts. Brand new signage and a mixture of flowers and shrubbery have been installed at the display. This area has been well maintained by team staff. Some shrubs had to be replaced in 2017 because of winter kill.

Klondyke Boardwalk Restoration We have completed another phase of the Klondike Causeway Restoration Project. This phases includes new decking and seating along the causeway, allowing visitors and residents alike the opportunity to admire the beauty that the Bay Roberts Harbour has to offer. Over the next year, we aim to expand our beautification efforts to the segment of the boardwalk on the George Mercer Drive side of the causeway. We have also maintained and continued to fertilize these areas.

French’s Park French’sPark, located at the end of Coley’s Point, was a project that was initiated in 2013. Since then, steady progress has been made to beautify the region, including the installation of a sheltered gazebo and a binocular-viewing station. The grand opening for French’s Park was July of last year and the park continues to flourish as a beautiful lookout and tourist hotspot this year. For 2017, we are adding solar lights, flowers and a new telescope.

Goose Pond Eco Trail In the Shearstown region of our municipality, we are in the final stages of completing a beautiful walking trail. Along the path, you can admire breathtaking scenery, foliage, and abundant wildlife, setting an ideal example of utilization of our natural environment. The final phases of the development process are under way in 2017, which includes installing the entrance and interpretive signage and the installation of garbage reciprocals along the trail.

Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail Renovations Most of the traditional outhouses located on the trail have to be replaced this year. Construction is currently underway to go about replacing these outhouses to improve our beautiful trail.

Kelly’s Landing Green Belt In 2016, we upgraded the area around Kelly’s Landing on Water Street, featuring green space, shrubbery, and a new boardwalk on the waterfront. This area continues to be a challenge due to neighbouring business disagreement.