Below are the current & future projects for the Town of Bay Roberts:

Goose Pond Eco Trail: Our new, beautiful 1.6km walking trail at Goose Pond in Shearstown is in it’s final stages of completion. Along the trail, you can admire the breathtaking scenery, foliage and abundant wildlife, setting an ideal example of utilization of our natural environment. We are currently in the process of installing entrance & interpretive signage, as well as garbage reciprocals along the trail.

Shearstown Eco Garden & Dog Park: In the Shearstown area of our municipality, we have built a beautiful Eco Garden and a Dog Park for use by our whole community! This eco garden now contains a raised potato garden, which contributes to our local food bank.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 7.55.55 PM
Potato Gardens in the Shearstown Eco Garden

Bay Roberts Community Gardens: Located on Playground Road, the Bay Roberts Community Gardens is one of our longest running projects. This past year, we have planted over 2000 tulips and installed a beautiful fountain surrounded by gorgeous shrubbery and trees. Our Community Gardens also houses a outdoor stage where this past summer we held a local talent event, “Acoustic Night in the Gardens” with proceeds going to our local food bank.

Bay Roberts Veggie Patch: Just behind our National Historic Site, the Cable Building, we have established the “Bay Roberts Veggie Patch”, a beautiful vegetable garden. This vegetable garden contains 12 vegetable beds that can be purchased by people in our community and they can use them to grow a variety of vegetables and flowers. Recently, we have implemented a rain water recovery program & composting areas which continue to excel the garden’s success!

Bay Roberts Mainstream Project: