Bay Roberts has made widespread advancements with regards to making our community “Cleaner and Greener”. Where the area is intensely advancing in numerous ways, a sense of determination and pride is necessary to achieve our goals together!


2017 will be the 4th year since the beginning of the town’s “Why Litter?” campaign, which began back in the fall of 2013. This campaign was designed to create and promote awareness for the need NOT to litter by posing people a simple, 2 word question, why litter? Throughout the community, green signs encompassing the question “Why Litter?” can be observed. On top of this, waste receptacles have been placed in strategic locations throughout our community.

Throughout our town, there are exceptional recreation, park, and green space facilities. Through the assistanceof full-time/seasonal staff, alongside many volunteers and committees, our goal is to accelerate the cleanliness and attractiveness of these areas for our residents throughout the year. We aim to uphold the maintenance of park benches, garbage receptacles, picnic tables, and floral arrangements (when in season). Users are encourages to keep our public areas tidy and waste-free due to the strategic placement of our “Why Litter?” campaign signs. Specifically with our recreation areas, we have a master plan that we are implementing which is still in progress.


The Town of Bay Roberts holds a “Community Clean-Up” day to keep residents of the community involved. Clean-up day takes place in autumn. The members of our “Communities in Bloom” committee participate in lots of events to assist them in making them a widespread access. It is always appreciated to see the “young” and “old” volunteers working in unison to advance and beautify our exceptional town. Also, this opportunity allows our younger residents to feel initiated and involved in the community, as we hope this support will linger in the years to come. The town prioritizes the enabling of our younger generation to embrace the same mentality of pride and togetherness, while ensuring that our town is a “Tidy Town”.

The “Communities in Bloom” committee also promotes an event in which one home from each of our six zones are given the title of outstanding home award winners according to numerous criteria, including: pride of property, cleanliness, and floral displays. This event is an excellent opportunity for residents to display pride of ownership in their properties!

One incentive that the town promotes is titled “Fall In Love with Bay Roberts”. It aims to improve seasonal tourism, as well as to support our local business community. Through this initiative, we hold another litter collection day, and we communicate with local businesses, encouraging them to keep their respective locations during the event.BLFILWBR-Logo